Rewards Programs

Rewards programs can be really fun to stack up some points and stock away for the holiday season, a special occasion or even just a little buffer to get some extras now and then. I try to limit the number of rewards programs I do because I feel like I could easily sign up for 100’s and then spend hours and hours trying to keep up with them all. For me it makes more sense to dedicate the time I have to the most beneficial programs for my current needs. That being said I am not necessarily a current member of all of the programs I note here.

Swagbucks – This is one of my favorites and one I keep going with. I love the variety of ways to earn points. It is so easy to be as passive or aggressive as you wish with the points you earn. See my post here for more about Swagbucks.

MyPoints – Similar to Swagbucks but this is has a part of the program where you earn points by reading emails. I like the simplicity of earning points quickly by just clicking on a few links a day.

InboxDollars – This program is similar to both Swagbucks and MyPoints. There are emails that come through for you to click on to earn. This program doesn’t assign any points, instead it equates everything to an actual dollar value. You must accumulate a minimum of $30 to redeem and there is a ‘processing fee’ so you will not receive the entire amount you stocked up.

Please note that links I have provided my be tied to a referral link where I may earn points from your sign up. I appreciate your support.