Product Testing

Do you like to tell your friends and family about products you have tried? Do you like to post reviews online and tell the manufactures exactly what you think about their products (good or bad)? Do you like to get mail?

If you do then check out these programs below where you can get some sample products, all you need to do is provide feedback on each item.


Answer surveys and qualify for programs, you often get full size products, coupons and more!


Each month they have a set of samples that you can select from. They have a “Sample Tuesday” when everything is released at Noon. Samples can go quick! I think they are working on getting better now that so many people are signed up.


Register and start receiving samples, I haven’t been a part of this for too long to give enough details.

Influenster –

Answer survey questions and qualify for a VoxBox program. This program ties directly into your influence levels by seeing how many friends and followers you have.