Finding a way to thrive through anything

It goes without saying that all lives have ups and downs. It is also very apparent that some lives get hit with harder things to work through that others. I think sometimes people don’t even realize how rough they have it until they have moved past it.

I recently read Edie Wadsworth’s story, All the Pretty Things. I was blown away by the never ending struggle she went through. I knew of her as a blogger but never knew much about her background.

Edie’s story is remarkable, her memoir evoked emotions I wasn’t aware I carried so strongly. I wanted to stand up and fight for Edie as a young girl. I wanted to provide her a safe and welcome place to be.

As the story progresses I could feel the pull and struggle of decisions she was working through. I take her life story as a lesson for all. Sometimes the toughest decisions are the truly best decisions. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it probably isn’t. These may be lessons learned as a child but they were resonating through out the words of this book to me as a reminder to pay attention to the details of life and what life is telling you.20161226_124741

You can pick up a copy of  All the Pretty Things by Edie Wadsworth on Amazon and other book retailers.

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When you are done, doing all the things.

I can get so lost in all the articles about creating your blog, and a million (plus) other similar articles. Sometimes I find good ideas and I am grateful that I read through but many many times, I just stop reading halfway through and delete yet another email. Even worse, sometimes I don’t even read it.
I am a girl about saving time and finding ways to create more peace in my crazy life. So why am I reading up on all these things that make me more crazy and take up more time? I don’t know!
I have a belief that that more information I have the better decision I can make. I am beginning to question that idea. When I first started to write a blog I just wrote because I wanted to write. I found that I liked to share my stories of finding some time savers and sanity moments and so MommaFindingTime was born. Now I am feeling the pressure to create the best content for the readers. Well I am not really sure how many readers I really have at this point in time and I feel like it is taking me WAY too long to create the perfect content piece, and in the mean time the only posts I have been able to get up are those with a deadline so to speak.
I thought since I was already doing this blogging thing I could try to monetize it but honestly I have added too much stress in trying to do all the things. I am an INFJ, which means that I am an advocate. I am the person that is ready and will to defend. So here I am doing something to defend. I am unsubscribing from all the emails I am not really reading, the emails I think I am supposed to be reading, the emails that just don’t stop pressuring.
Here is my challenge to anyone reading this, say it out loud. What are you doing right now that you think you are supposed to be doing but really don’t want to? I am there with you and believe there have to be better, more simple ways.

I want to go back to blogging for me. I want to write posts about the ups and downs. I want to now feel horrible if I don’t get a certain number of posts up in a week. I want to let go of the pressure to monetize and if it comes it comes. I want to just be me.

Finding My Way to Lower Pressure and More Living

Parenting is always a hot topic of our society. I can often be caught up in the ‘How I should be a parent’ and let it over complicate our lives. This year as a part of my goal to read more I wanted to make sure I read more than just fiction, so I have branched out a lot. I came across this book The Low Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler by Tim Sanford. Obviously the title alone pulled me in as I am all about finding lower pressure ways in my life, not to mention the current preschooler and toddler working his way right behind his brother.

This simple breakdown of what is most important in raising children and handling the spats that turn to tantrums seems so elementary, but a necessary reminder. As I currently have a 4 year old and 2 year old I can really see the need for this guide as a strong reminder of the things on my job description as a parent. I can also see great ways to relate this way of thinking to my life in general and other relationships.

Life can get so complicated and stressful that it is easy to slip into overdrive mode and making all the decisions, which only ends up causing more stress. The examples given throughout this book are real life conversations I have all the time, so I can easily see where I can make a few word changes in my conversation and make life so much less hectic.

Check out more on this book on Amazon.

I received my complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


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A gift for yourself this fast approaching holiday season

It is amazing to me that we are nearly in October already! I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing us by. Stopping to reflect is something I really need to work more on and one of the ways I am working on that is by using my new coloring book.

I am a multi-tasker through and through. This new coloring book allows me to get some reflection time, calming coloring time and some devotional time as well. Now I realize that I should not be multi-tasking for my devotional time and I wholeheartedly agree, but this is my way of getting a bit extra. This All is Bright Coloring book is just the perfect gift to myself before the stressful crazy busy of the holiday season comes upon me like a freight train.


This is the second book I have through Tyndale Publishers and  I just love the quality of them. The pages are nice and thick so they hold up well to getting picked up moved around and guarded against the rambunctious children in this house!

I love how these coloring books have so much detail in each page. I cannot wait for December to start so I can dig into this book!


Check out this book along with others like it on Amazon and pick yourself up a gift before the holiday stress sets in!

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Getting in the Daily Habits

I know for me I have struggled to get into the word each and every day so this is a great way for me to have something to read and pray over each morning. The selections are small enough that it never feels like a burden to get it in my day. I love that the book is nice and small so I can easily carry it with me to peruse if I need a pick me up. This book has helped me build my daily habit of starting my day off right.

20160902_200758                              20160902_200815

365 Pocket Morning Prayers – Available on Amazon

I received my copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for providing my honest review.

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Start your gift stockpile now

I have to say I am big on buying gifts throughout the year to create a stockpile of gifts ready to go for when they are needed. I have a combination of specific gifts for people during the holidays or their birthdays but also a more general pile that just hasn’t found its person to go home with yet. One of the things that I really love picking up lately is those darn adult coloring books. Not only do I love having them around for myself, my husband has even picked a few pages to color himself. It has been fun to be able to sit down and color with my kids.


I came across this Gratitude:A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal by Tyndale. This seemed like a great way to get my daily time in the word and get some coloring done too. When I received the book I was really intrigued by the design of each page. There are some pages that have color on the page and others that are ready for your inspiration. The writing space is smaller in most cases but I like that is keeps your notes and thoughts limited and specific. You will not feel like this is a daunting task each time you open it. I love that each page is so vastly different that you will not get bored.



You can pick this up right off Amazon: Gratitude:A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for providing my review.


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Everyone has hardships, bouncing back is not always easy

I have been reading a lot of books this year. I have spanned out from my usual genres and authors and I have tried to read more from a learning perspective. I have picked up books about business building, office politics, decluttering, cleaning marriage and then books for the soul. Books that help you heal and grow.
It has been really interesting learning about personalities and how CEOs made some tough decisions to get the company where it needed to go. One of the things I have been really enjoying is digging deeper in to my soul.
No matter how your childhood was, you marriage or any other part of your life, I am sure there is a moment or two where you needed to heal. Life is full of things that don’t seem right to us, things that are just hard to work through. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is pain is pain.
Joy Desalvo’s book Return to Joy walks through brokenness in her life and others she knows. She has created a book that offers many discussion points for healing. She offers a starting point to find your own way through the pain you suffered. Though I wasn’t a big fan of the book as a whole I found there were some points that stuck with me.
Things I found helpful:
• Stories of how people worked through their struggle
• Discussion points – I used this as more of an internal discussion and reflection
Things I had a hard time with:
• The discussion sections were just as long as many of the chapters
• Several parts of the book seems like they were missing something, bits of the story, just overall too vague on what happened or jumped around.
Return to Joy by Bev Desavlvo


I received my copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for my review.


The links provided in this post may be affiliate links that may provide compensation for any purchases made at the affiliate site at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!