My Favorites

This is a collection of the things I find most useful in saving time, money or just because I enjoy it so much.

Swagbucks – My guilty pleasure for earning points.

Swagbucks is a point program where you can trade your points in to gift cards. points can be earned in so many different ways it makes it easy to gather up enough to get a gift card.


Dollar Shave Club

I am bad a remembering to pick up razors for my husband, let alone myself. I cringe every time at the cost and they just don’t last long. Dollar Shave Club has saved me money because they are so reasonably priced but also they ship right to my house every month. Now my husband has a clean shaven face everyday and that makes me happy too!




I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and I love to help people discover ways to remove harsh chemicals in their home.