Is the mail here yet?

I remember growing up how much I loved getting mail. So much so that when I was old enough, I would sign up for anything I could for free samples, travel brochures, you name it, I probably put in a request for it at some point to be mailed to me. When I moved in to my own home, I was even more excited, even for the junk mail. Things that had my name on it and was sent to me made my day.

I was thinking about this the other day and realized one (definitely not the only) reason why I loved signing up for all of this stuff being sent to me. I loved to discover new things. I wanted to check out new products, even if they were things I never really used, maybe my Mom would like it.

Over the years I have tapped into this idea with various free sample sign-ups, product tests and anything else I could find, where I would get something in the mail. I still sign up for travel brochures, I love dreaming about travel.

You know what I am really loving right now though? Subscription boxes!

This past year I have been checking out a variety of subscription boxes, and let me tell you there are a lot out there. There are even blogs devoted to tell people out the different subscription options. There are some that are similar to a magazine subscription where you get a product each month to refill what would have been used the month before (Dollar Shave Club is a great example of this). Others offer you a way to check out something new (FabFitFun), are devoted to a cause and spreading awareness (CauseBox). You can even get a box to help you grow your business and yourself  (SparkleHustleGrow and CoachCrate). There are boxes for sweets, and treats, and so much more (CandyClub). Maybe you are looking for a new book or author to check out (BookwormBox or BookOfTheMonth) and need a good cup of Tea (Sips By). Some boxes focus on what a Momma might need (MamaNeeds), or getting some date time with your special someone (DateBox). Maybe you need to get a refresh on your closet (StitchFix) or up your workout gear game (Fabletics).

Have you checked out any of these services? I would love you hear your thoughts on what your received.

Want to hear more about any of these? Let me know I am working on a series that will dive deeper into the boxes I receive. You can also follow me on Instagram.

Links in this post maybe be affiliate links, which may provide compensation back to me for purchases made. 

Electronic Spring Cleaning

My husband added a TV show trailer to our Amazon account. This has been a a frustrating thing for months. It bothers me everything I go to pull up a movie from our video library. I was not able to get it to go away from our Roku or my phone, and I am not often on my laptop, so there it sat. Frustratingly, it sat there. Today, I was taking care of a few things on the laptop, when I remembered. This was one of those moments where you can actually feel the light bulb click on inside your head.

Since I was there I thought, oh you know what I have a bunch of books in my kindle that I don’t want to have to scroll by anymore. Have you ever gone through your kindle to see what is sitting there waiting to be read? I have been a long time subscriber of various services that alert me to free or cheap books on Amazon. My reading options have been beyond abundance for quite some time now. I had books of all varieties. Cookbooks, DIY, Fiction, Non-fiction, kids and more.

When I needed a new book to read, there was a lot to scroll through. Plus the rising frustration of not being able to organize the books in a reasonable way (though this seems to be on the mend now, I am playing with the filters now available).

I think I removed nearly 100 books from my listing. These were all books I realized that they were things I would look up on blogs or recipe sites if I needed anything from them. I feel so much better now scrolling through my kindle, it suddenly feels all neat and tidy!

Have you added books you won’t read to your kindle? Are you ready for a spring cleaning too?

Start Over or Start Again

I originally started this blog years ago. I started a free WordPress platform and then one day took the leap and bought the domain to host my own site. I worked hard on building it up but never really felt Like I got it fully going. Through a variety of events and circumstances, it didnt make sense to keep paying for the site, so I went back to the free site and sadly, mostly just left it there without much thought.

It wasn’t that I wanted to really stop blogging, in fact it was because I wanted to preserve what I had already done that I converted everything back to the free platform.

Now, a new set of events and circumstances have happened and I find myself really craving my writing space again.

It feels like so much has transpired and changed. My old posts seem so half done and a bit jittery on focus. I wondered for a brief time if I should just scrap it all and start over, but something about where I started from still calls to me. There are themes and inspiration I have found personally that I am not ready to toss in the digital trash. Part of why I started this blog so long ago was all about capturing the randomness of life so my jitterbug topic jumping makes sense in some way.

So here is it 2019 and I am ready to start again writing more consistently and maybe finding a groove of topics that truly fit me for who I am today.

Making the Day Feel Fresh After a Rough Start

Do you ever have those mornings, I know we all do, everything you had planned just seems to fall apart on you. Maybe your alarm didn’t go off when you needed it to. Or the traffic was just worse than you anticipated. The line in a drive through was longer than going inside. Ok, now I am singing like Alanis Morsette song in my head, moving on.

I know it is easy to dive head first into the grouchy mood building inside you when things are not going as you want them to. Here are a few quick tips I utilize when I find myself in this situation.

  1. Take a deep breath, in fact take six. – Taking a few deep breaths really helps to calm the mind. I am sure there is scientific proof about it somewhere.
  2. Text a friend – Let a friend know you are feeling some struggles right now and just need to a moment to vent. I always like to send a note and ask, can I vent for a moment. That way they can prepare to be in the right mindset to help lift you out and not be diving into the mud pit of grouch with you. Though, sometimes you need someone in the pit with you too.
  3. Take a minute to do something to distract you – I have one game on my phone, just one. It is one of those word puzzle games. I go to this game when I need my mind to be reset. I do have to be careful though and set a timer or I will be sucked in for a lot longer than I intended and would probably cause a new round of grouchiness.
  4. Turn of the radio – Put on some music that will get you moving and set you mood right.

There is always a way to turn your day around, even if it is at the end of the day. I do love a nice fresh set of sheets when I go to bed.

I am not a DIYer…not at all

I watch those videos all the time, you know the ones I am talking about. The videos that show you how to make something cheap and simple to super fancy. They look great! And I often think that looks so easy!

Let me tell you I would always fall into the Pinterest fail category when I try.

I watch the videos and get all excited, I may even pick up some supplies. Then nothing! Either I completely forget about doing the project or it just doesn’t work.

Reading So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood has inspired me to not give up just yet. I loved all the stories she had about making new creations and feeling failure just to be surprised at the end success.

Pick up a copy and check out her amazing inspiration (affiliate link)

Coloring the day away

I am addicted!!! I always loved coloring and I am really loving these adult coloring books! It never gets old! I even bought fancy colored pencils for myself to use!

The kids love to color as well which makes great bonding time to be doing activities together. I love these coloring books through Tyndle because I can get a bit into my spiritual self care as I color.

Check out a few of these amazing pages!

You can pick up a copy of your own on Amazon (affiliate link) I can wait to see what you think.

Reflecting on my childhood, for how to be Mom

It seems so simple to think back to how for family life was growing up to determine how you will be as a parent. You may find you want to be just like your parents or maybe the complete opposite. It turns out it can be a bit more complicated than that.

There about a million daily decisions to be made each day on how to be a parent. There are situations you may have experienced and some you have not.

There are constant decisions that need to be made. Split second decisions at some points in the journey.

Each and every decision you make as  a parent will have an impact on how your children grow and learn to be adults. This can feel like so much pressure!

I look back at the long run of my childhood and how my parents worked through their decisions and reactions to all the things that were going on. This helps me breathe a little easier. Any turmoil I ever felt as a child, or really as a teenager, is now easily dismissed as an adult looking back.

After reading through Why I Didn’t Rebel by Rebecca Gregorie Lindenbach and it was like the lullaby my Momma heart was so in need of. In this book Rebecca walks through some of her younger years as well as some research she has done in speaking with people that have fallen on either side of the rebelling line.

As she walks through why some rebelled and others didn’t she shares into the relationships that each had with their parents. When I look back at the relationship I had with my parents as a teenager and the safe zone of communication, I realize that is the heart of what I am trying to create.

In all my struggles with the 3 year old back seat driver warning me of the upcoming stop sign, or the onslaught of non stop questions, I try to hold my frustrations. I know that there are times that I have lost my battle and take quick actions that may cause tears, for both of us. But every time we talk it out. I know he doesn’t understand all my words just yet but we still talk it out.

You see what I realized in reading through Why I Didn’t Rebel is that I have to keep trying and keep doing. I cannot ever give up on trying to reach my kids, because my parents never gave up on me.

If you are feeling like you are struggling with how to raise your kids in a way that they won’t rebel and they will become great citizens of the world, just keep trying.