Is the mail here yet?

I remember growing up how much I loved getting mail. So much so that when I was old enough, I would sign up for anything I could for free samples, travel brochures, you name it, I probably put in a request for it at some point to be mailed to me. When I moved in to my own home, I was even more excited, even for the junk mail. Things that had my name on it and was sent to me made my day.

I was thinking about this the other day and realized one (definitely not the only) reason why I loved signing up for all of this stuff being sent to me. I loved to discover new things. I wanted to check out new products, even if they were things I never really used, maybe my Mom would like it.

Over the years I have tapped into this idea with various free sample sign-ups, product tests and anything else I could find, where I would get something in the mail. I still sign up for travel brochures, I love dreaming about travel.

You know what I am really loving right now though? Subscription boxes!

This past year I have been checking out a variety of subscription boxes, and let me tell you there are a lot out there. There are even blogs devoted to tell people out the different subscription options. There are some that are similar to a magazine subscription where you get a product each month to refill what would have been used the month before (Dollar Shave Club is a great example of this). Others offer you a way to check out something new (FabFitFun), are devoted to a cause and spreading awareness (CauseBox). You can even get a box to help you grow your business and yourself  (SparkleHustleGrow and CoachCrate). There are boxes for sweets, and treats, and so much more (CandyClub). Maybe you are looking for a new book or author to check out (BookwormBox or BookOfTheMonth) and need a good cup of Tea (Sips By). Some boxes focus on what a Momma might need (MamaNeeds), or getting some date time with your special someone (DateBox). Maybe you need to get a refresh on your closet (StitchFix) or up your workout gear game (Fabletics).

Have you checked out any of these services? I would love you hear your thoughts on what your received.

Want to hear more about any of these? Let me know I am working on a series that will dive deeper into the boxes I receive. You can also follow me on Instagram.

Links in this post maybe be affiliate links, which may provide compensation back to me for purchases made. 

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