Electronic Spring Cleaning

My husband added a TV show trailer to our Amazon account. This has been a a frustrating thing for months. It bothers me everything I go to pull up a movie from our video library. I was not able to get it to go away from our Roku or my phone, and I am not often on my laptop, so there it sat. Frustratingly, it sat there. Today, I was taking care of a few things on the laptop, when I remembered. This was one of those moments where you can actually feel the light bulb click on inside your head.

Since I was there I thought, oh you know what I have a bunch of books in my kindle that I don’t want to have to scroll by anymore. Have you ever gone through your kindle to see what is sitting there waiting to be read? I have been a long time subscriber of various services that alert me to free or cheap books on Amazon. My reading options have been beyond abundance for quite some time now. I had books of all varieties. Cookbooks, DIY, Fiction, Non-fiction, kids and more.

When I needed a new book to read, there was a lot to scroll through. Plus the rising frustration of not being able to organize the books in a reasonable way (though this seems to be on the mend now, I am playing with the filters now available).

I think I removed nearly 100 books from my listing. These were all books I realized that they were things I would look up on blogs or recipe sites if I needed anything from them. I feel so much better now scrolling through my kindle, it suddenly feels all neat and tidy!

Have you added books you won’t read to your kindle? Are you ready for a spring cleaning too?

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