Making the Day Feel Fresh After a Rough Start

Do you ever have those mornings, I know we all do, everything you had planned just seems to fall apart on you. Maybe your alarm didn’t go off when you needed it to. Or the traffic was just worse than you anticipated. The line in a drive through was longer than going inside. Ok, now I am singing like Alanis Morsette song in my head, moving on.

I know it is easy to dive head first into the grouchy mood building inside you when things are not going as you want them to. Here are a few quick tips I utilize when I find myself in this situation.

  1. Take a deep breath, in fact take six. – Taking a few deep breaths really helps to calm the mind. I am sure there is scientific proof about it somewhere.
  2. Text a friend – Let a friend know you are feeling some struggles right now and just need to a moment to vent. I always like to send a note and ask, can I vent for a moment. That way they can prepare to be in the right mindset to help lift you out and not be diving into the mud pit of grouch with you. Though, sometimes you need someone in the pit with you too.
  3. Take a minute to do something to distract you – I have one game on my phone, just one. It is one of those word puzzle games. I go to this game when I need my mind to be reset. I do have to be careful though and set a timer or I will be sucked in for a lot longer than I intended and would probably cause a new round of grouchiness.
  4. Turn of the radio – Put on some music that will get you moving and set you mood right.

There is always a way to turn your day around, even if it is at the end of the day. I do love a nice fresh set of sheets when I go to bed.

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