Who thought I would ever love to clean?

I have lived in this house for over 7 years now. In that time there were areas that I would clean only when forced to and others that I would scrape by with a bare minimum to cleaning. This is not because of laziness or even a hatred of cleaning in itself. This is because I have hated cleaning products!

I would try product after product and would easily be discouraged by their cleaning power or overpowering fumes. Disappointed in nearly every product right off the bat, or discouraged because I couldn’t really use them without going into coughing fits.

In our home the bathroom is only ventilated through a fan in the ceiling or having the door open. In order to clean the bathtub, I would turn on the fan, spray it down, run out closing the door behind me…. wait ….wait… wait. Checking in 20 minutes to see if the fumes died down enough for me to go back in the wipe, rinse and move on. There is a pretty major flaw with this method of cleaning… we only have one bathroom.

I have read post after post, book after book on natural cleaning products and other natural ways to clean. I struggled with these methods as well. I work full time outside of the home, I have two young boys, a husband, and I don’t have time or patients to make my own household cleaners. Many of these cleaners were also comprised of vinegar, which also bothers my body, or harsh natural soaps that irritate my skin.

I know it may seem like I am making a lot of excuses as to why I didn’t clean my house frequently. What  I am really getting to is how I finally found my way to a product and product line that I fell in love with. I fell in love with the idea, the application and the mission of these products.

A friend of mine commented on how she has stopped using paper towels and is not cleaning with water. WHAT!?! How is this possible? I had  to check it out. I felt very skeptical that you could sufficiently clean with water, but had to see. I invited her over so I could see what this was all about, sure enough she was using a cloth and water.

I learned quickly that this was not just any cloth, it was a Norwex  Enviro Cloth, a microfiber cloth. Then I was hesitant because I have used microfiber cloths before and they weren’t great at all and I hated the way they felt on my skin. After watching her explain, she held the cloth to me, “Give it a try” she said. I did. I am forever changed.

The are some pretty major differences with a Norwex cloth and ones you would pick up from just about anywhere. I won’t go into the science of it all, though it is important, it wasn’t was caught me when I first felt that cloth. A Norwex Enviro Cloth is thick, and soft. It was a gentle touch, it wasn’t sticking to my hands and the general weight of it was heavy in comparison.

Enviro and window cloth

My friend explained how the cloth is used and how it traps bacteria and other things you clean off your surface inside the cloth. How easy it is to use and reuse, just wet with water, wring to just damp, go to town, rinse wring and hang to dry until you need it again.

This simple cloth and simple cleaning process had me sold! Though the cloth is soft and gentle in my hands it had some major scrub power to it! One cloth and I was ready to tackle just about every cleaning job in the house.

I eventually realized I wanted to support the mission of this company and do more with it myself. I joined as a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. I am so passionate about these products, I often ask people if I can come clean their homes, to show them how well these products work, and how no scent is a real clean.


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