Finding your confidence, when it feels like you need it most

Confidence can be a tough thing to master. I am in constant battle with my own confidence. Though I am getting better at displaying confidence when it is needed, I am shaking and crying deep inside until it is over and then I am reviewing every word I said and movement I made. Why did I respond with that comment, I should have said…

There are so many reason people lack confidence but much stems back to something that made them lose it once or maybe over time. Kids can be cruel with their words and make you question if you wore the right clothes or have the right haircut. These are the things that have stuck with me for years and years.

I drive my husband crazy when he tries to compliment me on my outfit or really any compliment at all. I do not take them well, a learned habit from many years ago when I was weary of what the words really meant.

It can be tough to talk about things like this as they can still be painful. Reopening wounds is almost worse than the first time you were hurt. I have been working diligently on improving my confidence in different ways. I started to do more presentations at work, I attend more social events and make a point to initiate more conversations. This is another hard one for me as I always felt like an outsider, the one that didn’t belong.

Tricia Lott Williford’s, You Can Do This really hit home with me on all these issues. The opening of this book is so inviting, literally she talks through setting up a table to sit and chat. I felt as I was reading the book as though I was just having a conversation with a friend over tea or coffee. Her writing may be about self improvement but her tone is not. I felt guided and comforted through similar situations that I lived through.

Williford has so much practical advice throughout this book that is seems like it should be obvious, but somehow I needed all of these pages. ALL of the words she wrote. I felt like she wrote them to me and they found me in the right time when I needed my confidence.

If you are struggling with your confidence, please pick up with book and read the encouragement she offers. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to, but you have to set your mind!



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