Time to start sharing the real stories

It seemed like every parenting book, pregnancy to teenagers seemed to provide this near perfect world theory on how things go. Then you add in the stories of how people have it all together and accomplish amazing things while their perfect toddler sits and watches. These are not real. There it is out there. This is not how the majority (if anyone) makes it through life as a parent.

I was so in love with Long Days of Small Things by Catherine McNiel from the very first page. This is real, really real!


This book offers peace of mind that you are not alone. The things you go through in a day are normal and it is ok. I found a real connection to the things that Catherine McNiel wrote about. I felt like I could have been sitting with a friend and chatting about what is going on in our crazy houses.

This was a fast read for me. I would love to see more from this author in the future. I also hope that this is the beginning of real stories of parenting to come. It is time for people to talk through the real things.


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