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Time to start sharing the real stories

It seemed like every parenting book, pregnancy to teenagers seemed to provide this near perfect world theory on how things go. Then you add in the stories of how people have it all together and accomplish amazing things while their perfect toddler sits and watches. These are not real. There it is out there. This is not how the majority (if anyone) makes it through life as a parent.

I was so in love with Long Days of Small Things by Catherine McNiel from the very first page. This is real, really real!


This book offers peace of mind that you are not alone. The things you go through in a day are normal and it is ok. I found a real connection to the things that Catherine McNiel wrote about. I felt like I could have been sitting with a friend and chatting about what is going on in our crazy houses.

This was a fast read for me. I would love to see more from this author in the future. I also hope that this is the beginning of real stories of parenting to come. It is time for people to talk through the real things.


A little bit of happiness inspiration, when you need it most

Some days it is easy to get sucked right into the thoughts of all the things to do, the lack of sleep, or really any other not perfectly happy thought. Some days you may need a little more to help fuel you in happiness for the day.

When I started to reach 60 days of Happiness, I thought it would be a great way to start my day. Read a short snip-it type chapter and be ready to go.20170129_064942

As it turns out, that type of reading does not suite me well at all! I found it very difficult to read just a page or two in the morning and often forgot to read at all for days at a time, maybe longer.

The beginning of the book explains that it can be read in a daily ritual type format as it is displayed or it can be read straight through. So as it was not working to read in daily format I tried to read it cover to cover…. nope, too much.


This book sat on my nightstand and stared at me… I wanted to read it. I enjoyed the writing,but wasn’t finding what I needed in it to read consistently one way or the other. After a while it became buried in the stack of things on my nightstand and I stopped seeing it daily.


After a hard day and trying desperately to clean up the clutter in my bedroom in a fit, I found the book. I stopped what I was doing and flipped through to a random page. I read that page and felt comfort and relief in the craziness of the day I had just had. I had also found my way to read this book.

I needed this book for the occasions when the messages were needed, not a preemptive way, but it was working. There was something to this.


Looking at this book in a new way gave me a place to go when I needed it most. These reminders were inspirational before a hard day I knew was coming or a gentle reminder to breathe and it go after a long day.

Each daily entry offers something different, but none disappoint. I found some great humor throughout the book and deep thoughts as well.

How can you go wrong with a book that quotes The Princess Bride?