Finding a way to thrive through anything

It goes without saying that all lives have ups and downs. It is also very apparent that some lives get hit with harder things to work through that others. I think sometimes people don’t even realize how rough they have it until they have moved past it.

I recently read Edie Wadsworth’s story, All the Pretty Things. I was blown away by the never ending struggle she went through. I knew of her as a blogger but never knew much about her background.

Edie’s story is remarkable, her memoir evoked emotions I wasn’t aware I carried so strongly. I wanted to stand up and fight for Edie as a young girl. I wanted to provide her a safe and welcome place to be.

As the story progresses I could feel the pull and struggle of decisions she was working through. I take her life story as a lesson for all. Sometimes the toughest decisions are the truly best decisions. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it probably isn’t. These may be lessons learned as a child but they were resonating through out the words of this book to me as a reminder to pay attention to the details of life and what life is telling you.20161226_124741

You can pick up a copy of  All the Pretty Things by Edie Wadsworth on Amazon and other book retailers.

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