When you are done, doing all the things.

I can get so lost in all the articles about creating your blog, and a million (plus) other similar articles. Sometimes I find good ideas and I am grateful that I read through but many many times, I just stop reading halfway through and delete yet another email. Even worse, sometimes I don’t even read it.
I am a girl about saving time and finding ways to create more peace in my crazy life. So why am I reading up on all these things that make me more crazy and take up more time? I don’t know!
I have a belief that that more information I have the better decision I can make. I am beginning to question that idea. When I first started to write a blog I just wrote because I wanted to write. I found that I liked to share my stories of finding some time savers and sanity moments and so MommaFindingTime was born. Now I am feeling the pressure to create the best content for the readers. Well I am not really sure how many readers I really have at this point in time and I feel like it is taking me WAY too long to create the perfect content piece, and in the mean time the only posts I have been able to get up are those with a deadline so to speak.
I thought since I was already doing this blogging thing I could try to monetize it but honestly I have added too much stress in trying to do all the things. I am an INFJ, which means that I am an advocate. I am the person that is ready and will to defend. So here I am doing something to defend. I am unsubscribing from all the emails I am not really reading, the emails I think I am supposed to be reading, the emails that just don’t stop pressuring.
Here is my challenge to anyone reading this, say it out loud. What are you doing right now that you think you are supposed to be doing but really don’t want to? I am there with you and believe there have to be better, more simple ways.

I want to go back to blogging for me. I want to write posts about the ups and downs. I want to now feel horrible if I don’t get a certain number of posts up in a week. I want to let go of the pressure to monetize and if it comes it comes. I want to just be me.


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