Everyone has hardships, bouncing back is not always easy

I have been reading a lot of books this year. I have spanned out from my usual genres and authors and I have tried to read more from a learning perspective. I have picked up books about business building, office politics, decluttering, cleaning marriage and then books for the soul. Books that help you heal and grow.
It has been really interesting learning about personalities and how CEOs made some tough decisions to get the company where it needed to go. One of the things I have been really enjoying is digging deeper in to my soul.
No matter how your childhood was, you marriage or any other part of your life, I am sure there is a moment or two where you needed to heal. Life is full of things that don’t seem right to us, things that are just hard to work through. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is pain is pain.
Joy Desalvo’s book Return to Joy walks through brokenness in her life and others she knows. She has created a book that offers many discussion points for healing. She offers a starting point to find your own way through the pain you suffered. Though I wasn’t a big fan of the book as a whole I found there were some points that stuck with me.
Things I found helpful:
• Stories of how people worked through their struggle
• Discussion points – I used this as more of an internal discussion and reflection
Things I had a hard time with:
• The discussion sections were just as long as many of the chapters
• Several parts of the book seems like they were missing something, bits of the story, just overall too vague on what happened or jumped around.
Return to Joy by Bev Desavlvo


I received my copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for my review.


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