Another subscription service?

It seems like the last few years has brought more and more subscription services to the world. I was unsure of many of these as they seems to be on the expensive side and I just didn’t understand paying for something to be shipped to me on a schedule when I go to the grocery store every week any way.
Well let me tell you I have certainly changed my mind on that idea. There are some subscription services that are truly worth it and many are very comparable pricing. I really love being able to automate some of those purchase once in a while items like shampoo and body wash. I have actually forgotten to pick up some of these toiletry items since I am just not used to going to those aisles of the store often enough.

One of the brands that I tested out a few month back has really become a favorite and it honestly is easiest to get it direct from them in their subscription service. I picked up two of their sample kits to test out the products. I really liked most of what they sent, some of the Home Essentials bundle items sent were just not things I use.


There were five items in the Essentials bundle.

  • Face and Body Lotion
  • Hand Soap
  • Body Wash
  • Multi-Surface Spray
  • Healing Balm


I really loved the body wash and the hand soap. I actually adjusted the shipment of my first full bundle to be mostly body wash and lotions. I fell in love with the Sweet Orange Vanilla scent and wanted to try the others. The Face and body lotion I received was unscented but I really liked how well it absorbed in. I first thought it seemed like it may be too thin of a mixture but I was really surprised as it absorbed how smooth my skin felt. My skin was hydrated and not overly slippery. One application lasted the whole day.

The last two items I wasn’t jumping on to pick up more just yet but it was simply my own preference of product. I am really not a balm girl, I had a hard time with this product just because of the nature of balms. As for the spray I actually really liked it but the sample was going to last me a while since I use Norwex cloths in my kitchen and so I don’t use any cleaning sprays.

I had also picked up the diaper kit because, kids. I really liked the diapers and loved the wipes. I felt that the diapers were really comparable if not beating other brands I have used.

The plain diaper in this image is a generic brand from a big box store- bit of a difference for sure.

Not to mention the cute prints available (though this really doesn’t sell me as they are just covered up).


I liked the thickness of the wipes and felt they cleaned up a sticky mess quickly. They held up to the tough job.

Check out the texture (I don't know, people just always say things like that).
Check out the texture (I don’t know, people just always say things like that).
Against a popular brand name (yup the bigger wipe is Honest)
Against a popular brand name (yup the bigger wipe is Honest)

Though I have continued on with the bundle on the Essentials (body washes and lotions, some cleaning-ish items to come), but I haven’t actually gone forward with the diaper bundle just yet. I think that this bundle is most beneficial for those with smaller children. My current littlest is approaching two and is attempting interest in the potty so I would rather not waste a bunch of dry diapers in this time. That being said, should there be a need for diapers in the future (NO THIS IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF ANY SORT), I will be getting this bundle going.

I should also note that you can get some really great deals on your first diaper bundle (Get $20 off your first Diapers and Wipes Bundle from Honest), so if you are ready to check out their bundles I suggest going with the trial kits first. You can check out the sample kits here (Get a FREE trial of your favorite Honest bundle), you just pay $5.95 shipping and really I thought it was worth the cost of shipping.

Have you tried Honest yet?


Links in this post may be affiliate links that may provide compensation for any purchases made without additional cost to you.


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