Simple things can make a big impact

I recently have discovered an amazing source of gracious and generous people that have spoken directly to my heart in the words they writing on blogs, social media and books. One of those people was a very recent discovery, though I had heard of his work long before I had heard of him (not entirely sure I should feel bad about that as his work is just so important). Help One Now is an organization that I have heard of over and over and over again. I just never really dug too far into it. When I received an email about a new book coming out from the founder of Help One Now, Chris Marlow, I first applied to be a part of the launch team since I really have enjoyed being able to support authors in the release of their book, not to mention the possibility of getting to read a book before it is available is amazing. The second thing I did was start researching more on Chris Marlow and the work he does with Help One Now and anything I could about the book he had written.

I discovered Chris has a deep passion for his work and he has some amazing people in his corner and along to support the cause. I was intrigued to say the least, and I couldn’t wait to hear if I made the launch team and to read his book.  I was so excited when I received notice that I was on the team. Again I dove right in to get more information.

Awaiting bedtime so I could dive into this book!

I dug into this book as soon as I received it. Let me tell you this is a fast read book but it hit me so hard in certain places that I had to stop and really think through what was said. I have struggled for a while now thinking about how I would like to make an impact. My thoughts always seem to trail off into “someday” or “when I…”. After reading this book I am realizing how many small things I could do now. Things I can do today. I do not have to wait for anything in my life and circumstances to get to a certain point.

I have always had a strong belief in doing good and being kind. Chris Marlow writes so deeply to my heart in this book. I flagged so many experts that it is hard to find a page without a note.

Sticky notes ready...
Sticky notes ready…

I have started a list of all the things I can start to do to make an impact. Simple things! I decided to start a bit small and go through the ‘inventory’ of toiletry items I stocked at a deep discount using coupons. I have found some scents that don’t work well for me, rather than using it anyway I can donate the unused items to a local shelter or pantry. I am looking at the lists of local facilities for what they are in need of and trying to find the surplus of it in my own house.

See simple!

Doing Good is truly Simple and Chris puts it on paper how easy it is to do good for others so simply. I really felt a connection to Chris and his view of how people, all people should act. Caring for others no matter who someone is or what they believe in. All people should make effort to care for others.
Chris so gracefully walks through how simple actions can make a great impact. I really hope Chris writes more. He is a true inspiration. I am so motivated to find ways to help in my community and a global effort. I truly believe working together small sacrifices can make a huge impact.
I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Zondervan Publishers.


Doing Good Is Simple by Chris Marlow – Available on Amazon August 2, 2016

If you pre-order your copy head to you get a bunch of bonuses as well.


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