Adult coloring, so glad it is not just me

I love coloring. I was honestly so excited when this whole adult coloring thing has taken off. I love all the intricate designs you can pick up and spend hours coloring away. I love that I can sit right next to my kids and spend an hour handing crayons or colored pencils back and forth as we each color our own pages that provide us with the unique challenges of staying in the lines.

I recently received a really special coloring book from Tyndale Publishers that offers me the time in coloring as well as some devotional scriptures.



I love the full page of reading next to a perfectly paired image to color in. I feel so honored that I get to add color into these already beautiful images. Every page offers up inspiration for the mind and soul. I have been bringing up the option to color every chance I get. I think I will be overruled soon.



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