The Pile Up

I hate that feeling of being behind. No matter what it is, behind on my day job tasks, behind on my cleaning at home, behind on my bills. Today I was able to take the day off of my job so that I was home for my 4-year old that had to have some dental work done. He was such a trooper and did so well he went right back to school. This meant I had the whole day to myself. I got home and went right to work.

I started a load of laundry and then took all the miscellaneous items up to my bedroom and laid out all the paperwork I needed to get through. I had hurt my knee yesterday after failing to get over the baby-gate in an appropriate way so I knew I needed to be sitting and relaxing but so desperately wanted to get some cleaning done.

I have already cleared out so many small to-do’s! I am still looking at a pile to get through but I still have a few hours before I have to pickup the kids.

My goal after some of this clean up to to actually take care of the little items as they come in rather than creating a pile to come back to later. Most of the time the later is much later and I have a pile of little things to get through instead of a 2 minute task I now have an hour of tasks. Not just the time but it leaves such a clutter of things, usually on my night stand or dresser.

How do you handle all the paperwork and little tasks in your house? Do you have a pile of small quick things to take care of or have you already implemented a method of handling things as they come in?


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