Making Over Mornings to Setting Up My Year

After almost over a year of working through change after change we had finally started to really settle into routines and really started to get more organized. Things were really starting to settle in and get comfortable. Of course this means something must change.

My husband started a new job, a job he was really excited about. I am so excited for him and the opportunity he has in front of him now. That being said this new job is throwing me through a loop. I had used the Make Over Your Mornings course from Crystal Paine to help me get organized and have a better morning based on  the crazy early start he needed for his job. I am now quite used to a 4am (yup, 4) wake-up to get the day started. With his new job he doesn’t need to leave the house until a few hours later, in fact with the way we had things working he now actually leaves after I do.

The first week I was fine, just kept on the way I had been but the second week started to get to me a bit and I knew I needed to get to work on a new routine. Thankfully Crystal’s course is re-workable and I am going back through it to make the necessary tweaks needed now. This lead me into reviewing the goals I had set for this year, in light of a significant change I wasn’t sure how our goals were going to be impacted, from feasibility of time and how the timeline of the goal may be impacted. I know Crystal talks a lot about goal setting and it has been a huge help to get me started in thinking strategically about my family’s life and the goals we set.

I am so excited to announce that Crystal now has a Make Over Your Year course (releasing March 18th, 2016 with a special introductory price).

Crystal’s courses have really helped me get my morning time set to be organized and purposeful. Since working through her Make Over Your Mornings Course  I stopped fretting about how to get everything done and stopped having to rush out the door. I was able to use the course and build in the extra time I needed by understanding where I was spending my time and how simple prep work could save me. Now that I am working back through my morning time I feel even more prepared as I already have the basic structure figured out, just some small changes and we are going strong in our routines again.

One of the biggest changes for us with this work schedule change is dinner time. Before my husband was able to get get home before me and the kids and get dinner started so we were able to eat shortly after I arrived home most days. I am so grateful that we were able to have that work for us for so long but I am honestly excited about getting the chance to cook a bit more myself too. One of my goals for this year (even before this work change-up) was to have a better meal plan for each week and eat healthier choices. This goal was a struggle before our change and it is certainly not getting easier now.

Goals are so much more than just losing weight or paying off debt. I never realized how I could really make an impact on seemingly simple things by setting a goal and breaking it down into smaller manageable steps. I am excited to get in to the Make Over Your Year course and learn more about goal setting. I have been stuck in the here and now, survival mode for a while and finally feeling like I can start planning for more. I have used some small goal setting with the simple stuff like setting a goal to get myself out of bed no later that 4:30 every weekday, but now I could really use some help in getting a larger goal achieved.

Crystal’s previous courses are setup in a way that you can always go back and rework them. As I mentioned earlier I am currently reworking my Make Over Your Mornings course to align with our new schedule. I cannot wait to dig into this new course and see what I can accomplish.

Have you taken any of Crystal Paine’s courses? I would love to hear more about what you were able to learn from them. Do you set goals or are you looking to learn more about setting goals? Leave a comment and I would love to chat more about it.


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