Getting out of this funk

I have been trying to get out of a funk that started late last year. I know the holidays can throw everyone off with schedule changes and way, way too much food. Not to mention all the cookies, oh the cookies I think my body is on a revolution to get away from all the sugar I ingested over the last 2 months.

I saw a few posts about people naming their year as a part of or maybe instead of a New Years Resolution. I jumped on this bandwagon (not all that typical of me I know) and I choose a word to name my 2016 year.


Big and bold. What I want most out of this now here year is more structure. Last year we had a lot of changes happen and though we were able to implement a lot of great things we lost our structure for a few reasons, holidays were a big one.

To create this structure I started to put together some actionable goals that will help make this year a year of structure.

It all gets started with one thing, schedules, simple and sweet. I did a lot of work last year in creating a morning schedule of sorts so that I could work in the time to work out. This schedule got slacked on a bit with the dark and cold mornings. I let my boys sleep a bit longer, thinking this was going to be helping them more. Really I think it made the chaos return along with lots of stress. Not to mention the number of missed workouts which means I lost some momentum and the weight (cookies) piled on.

I am back to striving for a set time to drop the boys off so that I have time to work out this will create consistency for everyone! This set time will in turn mean that I need to be better about the preparations the night before.

Secondary to schedules I have created a list of checklists I wanted to post around the house by using framed lists as whiteboards so we could make sure we are staying on track.

After schedules there are a few clean up projects I have on my goals sheet to help clean up the clutter and simplify the home.

The last thing I have made a special note for is vacations. This past year with all the changes I feel like we did not make enough effort for family vacations. I want to change that this year and make sure we are setting up those dates early so that we can really enjoy the summer months with our family and create those special memories both my husband and I had growing up.

I also set a reading goal and plan to track my progress for once by using GoodReads. I have had my account for a while but never really used it for much. This is the year to start using or get rid of!

Structure to me is going to be a relief. No more flying by the seat of my pants. Creating and accomplishing is what I am aiming for. I have a few things in mind that will pop up here along the way. Did you create a word for your year, month or even a week? Let me know I would love to hear about what the word means to you.


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