Making over my mornings and how it changed my night and day

Morning time can be so frantic. The coffee needs to be made, lunches put together, getting showered and dressed. The kids need to wake up get something to eat, get dressed, brush their teeth. Really the list can go on and on. As a working mom I often struggled with the mornings it was so stressful trying to get it all done and goodness knows that if one of the kids woke up early nothing was going to get done!

I have tried to prep for what I could but usually by the time dinner was over it was time to get the kids in their PJs and settle down for bed. Once they were down I was exhausted and needed to head to be myself. This would end up creating piles of dishes and laundry throughout the week that would be tackled in a crazy rush on the weekend. Not to mention all the other things we would try to squeeze in on those precious two days home.

I came across this course to help make over my mornings and was really intrigued on how it may help with all our craziness. Now I know that we are in a season of life where out kids are young and the fact that both my husband and I work 5 days a week limits our time in the home just that much more but I needed to try something!

Cyrstal Paine from created a 14-day course to help Make Over Your Mornings. This course is a video series plus a workbook to keep you organized and on track. I went through this course when she first put it out back in June and I loved how simple it was. I was able to get a few really key pieces from the course that helped me get some things better scheduled for the morning and night to help the whole flow of the day. The best part of this course is it really only takes a few minutes in your day to go through it. Crystal designed it to keep it so simple that is won’t interrupt your schedule that is in place right now, just 15 minutes each day. Now you can expand on those minutes if needed for planning but you don’t have to.

This is when I started to go to the gym in the morning, this helped me find time to go to the gym that was the least impact to the whole family schedule but also the optimal time for me. In order to make it work we had to get a few other things in place. I now get my work clothes picked out at night and set in my gym bag (which also gets all packed up). Plus the kids clothes get picked out for the next day (if not for the week when possible). These little changes have made pretty significant impacts to the craziness of my morning. We are still working on some planning on meals so that we have a better structure for lunches but right now the kids eat such varied amounts we either end up with so much leftovers it is crazy or none.

Crystal’s course has really laid a great foundation for my better mornings. I am planning on going through the course again now and let it help me create an even better morning. I love that the course is completely yours once you purchase it. There is no time limit to get through it and you can go through it over and over again if needed. I know I was not getting everything out of it the first time, I honestly rushed through the course just as a “I finished it!” mentality. Now after a few months of having things in a better working order I feel more prepared to get more from it and be able to utilize it better.

I want to make notes along my journey this time and share them with you as well, will you join me in Making Over Your Mornings too?

*Please note that links provided in this post are affiliate links and may provide some compensation for any purchases you make using them, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.


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