Starting Over

I have been wanting to expand on my blog and own a domain name. After lots of thought and playing around with several ideas I finally decided on a name. I sat on that name for a few days and asked several opinions of close friends and family on the name. After still feeling like this was the right name to associate myself and my writing with I dove in and purchased the domain name. I sadly realized that my current blog setup was not going to easily allow me to just have a domain name and allow me to expand on the items I wanted to, I felt stuck. I had finally made this huge decision but felt like I went nowhere with it. I again went through what to do next, and after a few additional mistakes I finally have my new site ready to go.

I am really excited to have this space to write about all the crazy things going on my life and my family. I am also excited to help you find more ways to add a bit more into your life without adding stress. I love to check out new products, read books and earn points online.

Both my husband and I work full time jobs as well as working on raising two amazing boys. We are just trying to figure all of this parenting, marriage, working, life stuff out.

I am so glad that you have stopped by to check out this new page and hope to have you reading more soon!

Thank you!


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