Progress and accountability

I was at the gym this morning and started to think about progress and what that means, how do you define it.

When I first started going to the gym I was a bit disoriented on what I was doing. I am not traditionally someone that goes to work out (you probably already know that). I knew that I had some goals I wanted to accomplish, lose a few pounds tone some areas, pretty typical things. I had a session with a trainer to get a workout setup to help me achieve my goals but I was still new and was still trying to get myself in to all of it. I saw a few ladies working hard on the different cardio machines and they were (sorry about this but my brain has strange though trails sometimes) very sweaty, and I remember thinking, that is awesome I need to sweat like that, they are making progress.

So this morning I was working hard and (yup, sorry) was sweating and I was reminded of my previous thoughts. Well In order to make progress you need to have a goal, where are you trying to get to. Progress is forward motion towards a desired destination. On this train of thought I was thinking about my goals and what I was trying to accomplish. What progress was I working on in life (not just the gym, those goals are fairly clear).

I started to t write in this blog again for a few different reasons, it is therapeutic to me to write, but I also wanted to have some accountability (this is why I publish to the world). I am also more of an introvert at heart so speaking in public, putting myself out there is rather difficult for me. I have been pushing myself to do a little more to reach out of my comfort zone. Writing this blog helps me with that. I am very real in the things that I post about, no fluff going on in this house and you will see what I mean in a minute.

Accountability is one of the things I love about writing in my blog. I know that when I put something out here that I plan to do, I should really do it. For one most of the people reading this probably know me personally and could potentially ask me about it when I see them next.

So here is what I have planned, I want to clean up my basement. I have been frustrated with the disaster that it has become and I really just want to tackle it and get it sorted out, thrown out, sold or put where it should be. Yes, I realize that we are into the Fall and this is not Spring cleaning time but there is no time like the present!

I have already begun to make a list of the things I know are piled up down there so that I can start to make an action plan. I know that I have to tackle this in a brutal and tactical way as there is just so much stuff and it easily gets overwhelming (reasons why it is the way it is, I have tried and failed at this before).

During my lunch today I started my list so that I could make this happen! I know that I have my extended pantry items, bulkier and extra kitchen cookware, extra coffee mugs and drink glasses (we currently have plastic ware because of little ones). I also have baby items that are not currently in use and need to be packed up for storage for the next (maybe) potential baby (should that happen someday in the future, this is not any type of announcement, trust me!). There are piles of Thirty One bags and purses from when I was a consultant (seriously, if you are looking for something, there is a lot on my to be sold list). I have two book cases that hold books and movies, we have board games and office supplies all down there as well.

I need to be brutal to clean this up because I have tried to be less than brutal before and it just ends up like this again. My next step is to pull out the items I can easily get to that need to be packed for storage, and get that done. Then I want to pull the items I plan to sell (there is more in the garage left over from our Summer garage sale as well) and get pictures of everything, make a list and post to an online garage sale page on Facebook.

I plan to document everything so that I can keep this blog up to date with how my progress is going (please hold me accountable to that). I also want to see how this beyond cluttered clear out method works for me so I want to document when things are going well and when they are not. I know the struggle I may run into is time. It is difficult for me to get to that area of the house to do much for too long with two little ones that either want to be held by me, have me play with them or help me.

Wish me luck on this venture!


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