Online Surveys, are they worth it?

I know that most of you (if not all) know that I work a full time job outside of the home in addition to writing this blog and caring for two young boys, along with my husband. This leaves little time to do much else, so I really only take on things that are worth my time. I have tried a few different online programs over the years and I have found there are some that are worth it and some that were not (for me anyway, you life situation may allow for different programs to work better for you).

I have found that i-Say surveys have been the most beneficial to my family and our current lifestyle. I can earn points for the surveys I answer, and I never feel overwhelmed by the number of emails they send to me to let me know of available surveys. The thing I really like about this program is that not only do I earn points for each survey, completed or not, but after a survey I can answer a quick poll question and earn entries for other prizes. I feel that the points awarded for completed surveys and the amount of points required for rewards is obtainable and worth my time.

I also find that their surveys are interesting to me. I have been a part of a few home study surveys as well where they send a product for me to test out and answer follow up surveys. These have been very fun!

You can easily get swept away with completing surveys and have it take over, this also makes it less fun to do them, I think. Make sure that if you sign up for any online survey program you are comfortable with the way they have their program setup. If you find that you do not like the program, make sure you close your account and unsubscribe from emails so that they don’t pile up in your inbox and continue to take up your time, even deleting the emails is time consuming for something you are not benefiting from at all.

The link provided in this post is not a referral link, this program requires a direct email to be sent for referrals. This is honestly one more reason why I love this program. They do not want to have referral links floating around and potential SPAM to users out in the world.


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