A Spend ZERO Month?

Ever feel like you just need to stop spending money? I know I do. How about the Holidays just around the corner, many will spend a lot during that time of year.

In an effort to not only save money but also to break myself of some of the ‘wants’ I have been feeling lately, I am going to introduce a 31 days of no spending in my family for the month of October. Another blogger that I love to follow, Ruth Soukup at LivingWellSpendingLess.com has a program she is running for the month of October to help others have a zero spend month. Right now she has an email sign up to join and receive daily challenges to help you throughout the month. You will get a preparation guide to get you going now.

This program is FREE and may help you save a bit for the upcoming holidays, or if you are feeling like me help you break away from the ‘wants’.

You can check out Ruth’s post about it here, 31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero, and sign up if you are interested.

I will be bringing updates throughout the month of October with how we are doing with this as well. Let me know if you sign up I would love to know your goals about this challenge.


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