Getting it all done?

So this past week has been very crazy (see my last post about the rough start). We seem to be finally all feeling better and getting back into the rhythm of our normal day. This morning my ‘alarm’ went off at 4 am, I rushed around to get my self ready and went and got my little one out of bed. He was mostly content to sit with me on the chair and drink his milk. He is still a snuggle bug right now even though he is feeling better.

Once he was up and playing a little I tried to get a few things done. He was not happy if I went out of his sight, I kept within sight and got as much as I could done in the kitchen and living room. I went to toss his pajamas in the hamper in the basement and realized that we still had a pile up of laundry from earlier in the week that we had not gotten through. I went to shut the door thinking there was no way I could get to it, when I remembered something I have heard from several bloggers over the last few days, just do it. I picked up my little guy and headed downstairs, not the easiest to pull clothes and towels from a top load washer with a 1 year old in hand, so after I pulled a few handfuls out I set him down. The basement is not too big and he has never explored the area before so I didn’t think he would go to far. I quickly moved the rest of the laundry and closed up the dryer, loaded up the washer with all of the clothes on the floor (in preparation of completing) and set it all to run.

Back upstairs I tried the same method of thinking (not overthinking) and started to get a few more things checked off the list, cleaning a bit better in the kitchen and setting the dishwasher to run and wiped down the counters. My day was suddenly going great! I was so glad that I stopped over thinking things and just found my way to completing was needed to be done.

So I can easily make a list of all the things I was not able to get done, not able to check off the to do list, but it make so much more sense to focus on what was accomplished. First and foremost I was able to spend the time snuggling and playing with my little one. Secondly I was able to get the things that I needed for the day (my lunch was packed and the boys bags were ready). Did anything else really matter? Not this time, BUT I was able to get a few things done because I stopped trying to list out my to dos and I just started doing.


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