Remembering patience and grace

There are some days (yup, I am talking about today) where you think things are going to be great and then one thing after another hits you as going all wrong.

I started my day at 2 am when I traded placed with my husband so he could get a bit more sleep before he had to go to work, I had already planned on staying home if needed with the feverish little boy. After a bit of sleep for the little guy he seemed to be doing a bit better. When my husband woke up to get ready I was trying get a few things settled when I heard my husband talking “Awww, you giving me a birthday hug”… OH NO! I can’t believe I lost track of time. I quickly ran out and apologized for not realizing it and giving him a hug myself with a meek “Happy Birthday”. He of course was not phased one bit by this, and off to work he went.

I was able to get the little one up and playing a little, I was getting a few things cleaned up and taken care of, things were looking good. I was so excited that my little one seemed to be doing better after his feverish afternoon and overnight. He was well on his way past 4 hours of no fever. My older child was even up (super early) and not giving too much fight. Maybe I would make it to work.

We headed out to daycare in what seemed like record time, I was going to even get my workout in and go to work. I spent a little extra time to make sure we were all still doing okay and then went on my normal way. I even brought my phone in with me just in case (I don’t usually have it right with my, it ends up a distraction). I got through my workout, feeling great and headed out to work.

Shortly after 9 am I received a text from my husband, he was having a rough day at work. I was worried about him.

Just after 10 am I received a call from Daycare, fearing the return of the fever, I started to work through logistics of getting him and then getting back to work in the afternoon, when my husband would be able to watch him. But the call was simply a double check on medicine in preparation, little man was sleeping.

My worries were taking over my mind. I was starting to struggle with my focus at work. I needed to center myself again and have faith that everything and everyone would be okay. I tuned into a blogger that always reminds me about finding the happiness in everyday and tried to find my center again.

Around 12:30 I heard from daycare that the fever had returned and they were giving him medicine to keep it down. My poor little guy was not feeling so good again. They were keeping on eye on him and would let me know if he needed to be picked up. By this time my husband was already on his way home and would be able to go get him if needed.

Feeling better all around about everything (except my little one not feeling well) I was able to focus back on work and get through my day.

I was so happy to get to my boys and give them each a hug. We had a few more trials of the day to get through, a missing bag with a nighttime music toy inside, a long long line at McDonald’s (yes, I took this shortcut, it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen). We finally heading home, and I was chanting in my head as many good thoughts as I could.

We got home and I sat and snuggled while my husband sat and at dinner with our older one. I was darn near falling asleep myself, when we switched off. Little one was ready for bed, so I sat and ate while he went down. Just as we were getting ready to have some outside time to get some extra energy out of our older boy, little guy woke back up. So instead of outside time we played monster trucks on the bed for a little bit. Staying off the disappointment we came up with alternatives of things. It turned out to be a decent night still.

Now looking back on the day’s events it is easier to see the grace and give myself a break for all the things that did not get done. It is easier to remember at the end of the day that there is only so much that one person can do and that worrying about the events will not change the circumstance.

I am hopeful for tomorrow, and I will still start my day thinking “today is going to be a great day” because I don’t it most certainly won’t. You have to make the day great and the best way to do that it positive thinking.

What gets your day started out right? Do you remember the positives in your life when you see so much negative going on? If not, give it a try, start your day out by saying “Today will be a great day” and keep reminding yourself with smiles and happy thoughts. See if you have a better day.


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