Enjoy the outdoors today!

So I had this great idea to go out to an apple farm today and pick apples. Why? Well we certainly don’t need more apples in the house but it is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having in upstate NY right now.

So after naps today we hopped in the car and headed a few towns over to a U-Pick apple farm. Connor (my 3 year old) was so excited. He wouldn’t stop chanting about going to pick apples. This was our first time to this farm so we checked out the store to get an understanding of the apples available for picking today and see what else they had. This farm also has a honey hive, so there was an indoor display of bees at work. It was really cool (even though it was creepy) so see the bees at work.

Connor could not wait to get outside and check out the apples. Evan (my 1 year old) was pretty content checking everything out. We got the stroller ready and our bag out for collecting and headed to the field. We decided to go with Spartan apples. They were the closest to the building and I wanted to give them a try.

As soon as we were out by a tree Connor was ready to get an apple. We let him pick one and pull it down.

Ready to pick
Ready to pick


Evan was checking out the apples as well, He was happy enough to just poke at them.


We walked almost all the way down the one path and then back up another, filling a bag full of apples. Did I mention I didn’t really need apples? Baking in the near future for sure, any one for apple crisp?

We really enjoyed our walk through the orchard and the nice weather.


We even went on a wagon ride before we headed home.


Hope you got outside and enjoyed the day today.


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