Sleeping babies?

I love to get up early in the morning and I read a lot about how it is good to get up 30 minutes before your children and give yourself time for a morning routine and get the day started right.
This usually doesn’t work too well for me at this stage of my life as my youngest likes to get up bright and early as well. As much as I would like to have the time before he gets up, I believe the proper amount of sleep is more important.
That being said, someone is actually still sleeping so I am trying to take full advantage.
If you took 30 minutes in the morning what would you get accomplished?
My ideal morning routine looks something like this.
…Bathroom time (yes, I think it is important I write that down)
…Make the bed
…take the dog out and get him his breakfast
…sit with a cup of coffee
…Review budget and recent spending, reconcile with what has hit the bank
…10 minutes to read emails that came in overnight or early morning
…10 minutes to spend online for various (Swagbucks, Facebook, etc.)

Here is what really happens.
I generally wake up at 4:30am (yes, I know crazy early but it is what works. I do get my bathroom time in, the bed doesn’t always get made. Youngest is usually up by the time I get out of the bathroom, I throw on my clothes for the gym and get him. I try to get him to sit with his milk while I get my coffee and a few things ready for the day at work that I cannot prep the night before.
Then since we don’t actually need to leave the house for over an hour we sit and play.
I try to read a few emails from my phone while he plays, but if he sees the phone he is quick to come over for it.

We have had a schedule change for my husband’s job for at least 2 weeks he needs to go in earlier than usual. Yesterday was the first day and the youngest decided to get up at 4 when we started to get up. I think we were able to get going a bit quieter today, he started to stir but went back to sleep. I was able to stay in my bed until 4:30 (getting a bit more sleep after I woke up my husband). I somehow got through bathroom time and headed downstairs, brushed my teeth in the kitchen while I got everything ready. I found myself with LOTS of time this morning and feel like I am starting my day off with many accomplishments! What a great way to start the day. Just a good reminder that having that time is so important to the start of my day.

Sounds like someone is waking up, good timing as I need to get these boys off to school soon. Have a great day!

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