Calling all reading addicts, start saving money with eBooks.

Do you like to read? I certainly do. I love reading whenever I have the chance. I read on my lunch at work, at the gym and before bed. I was such a die-hard physical book fan until my first baby was born then I was hooked on eBooks. There are a few reasons why I switched.

  1. I can read a book with one hand (super helpful when nursing, or rocking a baby to sleep).
  2. I can have 1000’s of books in my hand, ready to read.
  3. FREE books!!!

I know that third was is really awesome! I found there are a few sites out there that will let you know what books are currently available on Amazon for free or low price. My favorite right now is BookBub. This site allows you to select the type of books you like to read and then they will send you an email to let you know about the books currently at low low prices. I get my emails daily but there are options for once a week or even never. You can always go to their site to see what is available when you are looking for something new to read.

I have found some really good books through this site, and a few that were just ok. Keep in mind that Amazon can change the price at any time so make sure you check the price before buying.

Don’t worry I still love a physical book now and again, but I usually borrow those.


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