Lights & Sounds Musical Toy Test

I love to test out products and give feedback to the company as well as let all my friends know about the product, good or bad. There are programs that you can sign up for to be a tester, either directly with a company or through a third party. I have a number of these that I am a part of. Some of the third parties offer samples every month and some you have to be selected for a program. I have also signed up for a few with companies directly.

I was recently selected through Infantino for a Test and Tell. I received a free toy for one of my children and I tell them how it goes. As a part of the program I must review the product on their website, but I also want to share my experience with all of you. This is a type of post that I hope to be able to do more and more.

As a part of this program I must state that I have received the Lights & Sounds Musical Touch Pad from Infantino to facilitate my review.


So this came in the mail just the other day. I was really excited to test it out and see how my 1 year old likes it (OH My, I still can’t believe he just turned 1).

The packaging was simple and you could test the product out in demo mode. It really shows you everything on the toy so there isn’t anything hidden.

There was a simple instruction sticker to get out of demo mode right next to the on button so that was very simple to see and adjust.

The music chosen is really nice for play time and the lights are great. I like the variety of music as it is not the same over and over again, there seems to be enough change. The toy was very light weight but seemed as though it would hold up to a lot of being tossed around.

For the cost of $11.99 (according to the Infantino website) it doesn’t appear to be a bad deal.

That being said I need to go over the items I found to be on the downside of this toy.

  • The volume resets to the highest level after it turns off. This is pretty loud especially when it is not laying flat on the ground.
  • The time out to turn the toy off due to inactivity is pretty short. I was only about 20 seconds before it turned off. (I did not get my stopwatch out to verify but it was definitely less than a full minute)
  • If you press and hold the On button the volume also adjusts. This is a bit of a problem as my little one knows how to turn on smart phones with the Home button at the bottom.

Overall I think this would be a great toy for children who are playing interactively with an adult, I would not recommend for children who can sit and play on their own.

Checking it out.
Checking it out.
A hat of course!
A hat of course!
See I told you, press and hold that button...
See I told you, press and hold that button…
Apparently it needed a good shake.
Apparently it needed a good shake.

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