Feeling accomplished!

Ok, so I still have a lot of work to do to get my inbox cleaned up (77 unread messages still staring at me…there are more that I have left in there read :/ ), but I am feeling accomplished in any case. I was able to unsubscribe from a large number of emails, so I have the knowledge that not so many more will be pouring in over the next 24 hours. I knew this was not going ot be a quick process but I am very pleased with the dent I have made.


I also learned a bit about my sign up habits in this process. I clearly check some things out and then forget about it, just mindlessly deleting the emails as they come in.

With that, on to more fun things to chat about. I am working on finding new ways to save, or spend less. I have recently joined a few online garage sale sites. My original intention was to try to sell some of the items we are no longer using, but of course I have found some items that needed to make their way to our home. Do you ever have that problem? Your intention is to do something to pair down but you end up adding instead?

Toys are always at item I am trying to reorganize and pair down. I like to make sure there is plenty of option but not so many that toys end up just thrown around and not really played with.

With our little guy’s birthday (he is turning 1!!!) tomorrow, I am looking at all the toys we currently have out and trying to figure out what we can move out of the way and make more room. This is always a difficult thing to do because as soon as I start to touch something they are quick to start to play with it as well thinking it is a great toy all of a sudden. I find my self making mental notes of the toys that need to be moved on and then doing a mad dash to toss them to the basement when no one is looking. This tactic causes a bit of an issue down in the basement but at least it is out of sight… right?

Oh the struggles of not enough hours in the day. What do you do to clear the clutter?


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