My journey of email clean up continued

So this was a very strange day, I checked my email throughout the day but I did not take action on too much. There were a few things that I had gone through last night that I was able to take some action on (mostly I kept to the things I was keeping around). But before I get too far into how that all went I want to go back a bit.

I follow the blogger Crystal Paine ( and have found that she has been a big inspiration to me in some of the changes I have made over that last few years. I started out following her because of the shopping deals she posted about. She has a great website that drew me right in. Once I started really reading her articles I was so glad to have found her. I read her book (Say Goodbye to Survival Mode) last year and was able to start some transformations. Some of these concepts took a while to develop outwardly but I had a great new way to look at things.

Why am I telling you about another blogger? Well she recently started a Periscope and I was watching her broadcast the last two days. Today she was talking about time block scheduling, I found this very fitting as I was setting myself up for a 20 minute email clean up each night. This was a huge affirmation to me that this system works for other people.

With so much going on this Summer it was difficult to work on some of the things I had planned in my head. First mistake, I didn’t get these things out of my head and on paper. I find that writing something out makes it more real and more likely to happen. Second mistake, still falling in line with not getting out of my head, I didn’t tell my husband what I was thinking. Well I have learned on that one for sure. Don’t get me wrong, we have had an amazing Summer and I wouldn’t change our experiences. I am just planning ahead for what is coming and making sure we are working on scheduling in the things that are important to us as a family as well as individuals.

Ok, back to the Email Chaos. So as I said before it was strange to not really touch my email most of the day. I was really just making mental notes about each item that came in. So when I go through my email for 20 minutes after this post I will already know what to expect. I did this so that I didn’t lose sight of what my goal was. My goal is to clear my email for the future not just the now. I am working on trying to track what I am doing so that it sticks with me a bit more. This is important for me as a reminder to not just sign up for something in the future. I need to make sure that I am able to really make use of whatever it is.

One of the things I noticed today when I did go through my email briefly at lunch, was that there are so many inadvertent sign ups if you are not careful. I clicked through a link on a point program I use and then ended up receiving and email thanking me for signing up for the newsletter. This was not what I was clicking on. Now this is the first time I have seen anything work that quickly for a email setup but I know that if you are checking out a deal somewhere and you enter your information they will use it where they can. So please be careful when providing information, email addresses included.

A second thing I noted is that I receive promotional emails all the time for various stores. I don’t need to see those emails all the time. Sure it is great to see that a sale on certain items is coming, but it is just tempting me to spend money I do not have budgeted for such items. Removing myself from these emails will help my temptation to spend and make me more purposeful in my spending. When I am properly budgeted for an item, in true need I can easily go searching for such things myself.

Going through this exercise last night and today has really helped me see more about my emailing habits as well as some other clean up potentials I have. I am working through cleaning up the apps on my phone that I no longer use, or never really got going with.

I am not quite ready to share the progress I have made on my email clean up just yet as I haven’t worked on my clean up this evening yet. I was asked earlier today about the point programs I use and I thought I would share those, as I know I am keeping a few without a second thought. I have listed my favorites below, please note that these are referral links, so I do receive a reward for people who sign up through my link. I greatly appreciate anyone that joins through my link and you should see no difference in the program no matter how you sign up. These are my favorites because I can be very passive and earn just a few points here and there or I can put more effort in and earn as much as I want. The rewards offered fit with my goals in earning rewards and I generally like the options in earning points. If you have any questions on them please feel free to ask me about them and I will be happy to share what I know and what my experiences have been.

Have any of you started an email clean up? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Swagbucks –

MyPoints – Posted the link to my Facebook account, as I do not have a direct link to click.

InboxDollars –

I am sticking with just these three to share for now as I am trying to simplify my email I do not want to end up causing others to sign up for more than they are ready for as well. I will be sure to share more of what I am keeping and what is going away soon.


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