Overwhelmed and finding a way out…at least I hope.

A while back I had found myself in a position of near boredom and lack of challenge so I kept finding things to add to my time that was challenging and beneficial. So i kept signing up for every survey, point system, product tester site I found. Boy did I sign up for everything! So much so I ended up creating another email account to try to help me manage all of this. I was doing great too, earning lots of points and rewards, gift cards were coming in all the time I was so happy. A new site came across me in a browsing of another blog and I was there to sign right up. I earned so much we were able to buy Christmas presents that way which was so amazing since we were down an income and were looking at a bleak year.

Then the new year hit and changes happened. These were much-needed changes in so much of our lives. I started a new job, my Husband found a new job, things were going great. I was feeling so much less stress about everything. Finally!

Then I opened my email…

As I said I ended up with a new email account (or maybe more, let’s be honest there was more) that helped me with all of these new programs I had signed up for to get things flowing. Now they were all piled up. HUNDREDS of unread emails just sitting there that I had not attended to.


I love these programs, I love answering surveys, I love earning points and earning gift cards. I love having that extra available. Ok, again at the time it wasn’t actually extra it was what I relied on. Now it seems more like a chore, well some of it anyway.

I have too many to keep up with (and be able to keep my sanity). I am working on my list of ones I find most beneficial, and I will (please someone help me with the accountability here), I will remove myself from the other lists.

Where do I start? Today, emails in my inbox. I am going to be methodical about this, well, it is really the only way I know how to be about a lot of things, but I must be organized or I will just go more crazy over all of this.

So, here is my plan. I am going to take 20 minutes. Yes only 20, I need to make sure I go to bed at a reasonable hour or else I will cause a rift in my delicate schedule. I will open an Excel document and save it to my desktop with the title “EMAIL CHAOS”, this just draws attention to it so that I do not forget.

I will start by entering in the tempting offer emails in to a cell and in the second column I will make a note, unsubscribe or keep. If it is unsubscribe, I will click that link at the bottom of the email. This way I will know what I have already done so I won’t just click on the link 5 times. I will also know when I come back to this again tomorrow and spend my 20 minutes on clean up again.

I am also going to start making folders for all of the “Daily Reads” emails I have signed up for because I have a few blogs I like to follow. This way I can set it up so that they all fall into one area for me to check each day and I am not stumbling over them trying to get to the “Need Action” Emails. I am going to start thinking about how else I can automate my email to keep this even more clean.

Wish me luck, updates to follow on my progress.


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