Importance of a stable base

Ok, I can already tell you that I think the title of this is possibly a bit misleading but it was what came to mind. I have recently joined a gym (I know so many super shocked faces, including mine) but really this was something I had been thinking about for a while and the opportunity came up was one I felt was meant to be.

I don ‘t know why I felt the need to add more to my day but I needed something for me. I thought a gym would be nice as I wanted to tone some areas up a bit but not go crazy. I was excited about the gym I joined as not only was I offered support for getting started but I was given someone to be accountable to. This was really important to me as I get so swept up with other things sometimes I can easily loose track of what my goals were. My accountability person checks in with me time to time and reminds me if I haven’t been around for a few days. She also sends me notes to encourage me when I have been going frequently. It was also important for me to see that this gym cared about me, not just take my money and you do what you do.

I was given a session with a personal trainer to go over a routine for a work out and create a schedule. She walked me through the setup on each of the items and made sure I was comfortable with each one (Oh boy did we have to make some adjustments).

When I first started I figured I would be just working on the muscle tone and a bit of weight loss, no biggie. I figured I have 2 kids (both mobile now) that I am chasing after. 2 kids they each weigh over 20 pounds that I am lugging around. I was getting some workouts in just in my home life right…. I was so wrong!

I had first met with my coach when I went to check out the place and she had steered me towards the “you not really working out” speech pretty quick with going over my current activities. At first I tried to write it off as a sales pitch but when I met with the trainer and she alluded to a similar speech I was a bit disheartened, but energized. I was glad I was taking the steps to be healthier.

I started my workouts slow just to get into a new rhythm at first and see what was going to work. It was easy to see it was better on me and my boys to keep a routine as similar as possible in the mornings all week. So I started going everyday before work…that is right everyday! The first 2 weeks of that weren’t horrid as they were shorter work weeks with holiday and vacation so that helped ease me into it.

I won’t go into too much detail of my trials and tribulations of getting here but I will tell you I do feel amazing and for so many reasons and not listed in those reasons (yet) is a drop in my weight, but that is OK!

I have established a repeatable routine with my kids in the morning that is working.

I have established a night routine to prepare for the morning, that is also working.

I get to sleep in later, even though I am leaving earlier, before I had to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than I do now so I could shower before the husband went off to work and kids were up.

I am working on me, body and mind. Having that time to myself is really important, I get to read while I work out, and take my time to get ready. Also good to note the lack of young ones banging on the door while I get ready or crying for someone to get them out of bed.

So back to my title for this. I found that having the stable base to my day a good routine, has made the rest of the day that much better. Establishing any routine that allows better for less decisions at the last minute needing to be made are huge time savers. I never question if I am going to the gym in the morning, I know I am because if nothing else it keeps the schedule going, but really there are so many benefits.


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