Little pebbles…big ripples!

Sorry to anyone that has been waiting for my next post. I know I am VERY far behind again. Well at the beginning of January I had a big change in my life that had some very BIG changes for my family. I changed jobs! I know seems so simple but really this has thrown us through a bit of a loop to get a new schedule figured out.

First off this change has been a long time coming and I am beyond thrilled with the changes and choices I have made and my family is now striving because of this change.

So the new job comes with some slightly different hours that took some time to get used to but once I stopped fighting them they became second nature very quickly.

There is not too much of a difference just a half hour later on either end. Well let me tell you this little half hour has made a HUGE difference for Connor and his moods in the morning. He now gets to wake up on his own and we hardly (yes it still happens on occasion)have to rush.

We are still working through some of the adjustments that the later home time but we are getting there.

Just remember sometimes the simple things are what you need to make the biggest differences, especially when it impacts your moods.