Referral Mania!!!!

Ok, so I have been asked by a few different people about all of the rewards programs I do. So I thought the easiest things on my part (and on anyone that is looking for programs to join) is for me to list them here (turns out I do a lot of different programs, so I am only doing my favorites). I will have each one listed with a brief description and a link through my referral. Please use the referral link to sign up so that I can get credit (where applicable), thank you!

This has become one of my favorite point earning programs lately. They are easy to accumulate points and I don’t find that the y clutter up my email. There are so many ways to can earn points, as simple as answering a single question everyday. You can also use them to shop through and earn points for online purchases. There are a large number of affiliate links to use and earn points for signing up for something. There are games you can play, surveys and so much more. Gift cards are fairly attainable especially the Amazon $5 (only 450 points!) There is a limit of two redemption per day and the cards take a few days to process, so just don’t be in a rush when you are ready to redeem!

Bing –
This is a program connected to Bing search. They give you points based on the number of searches you do each day. That is it!!!! So simple, just hop on their site and plow through a few searches each day and you are on your way. The thing I like about this program is that one of the rewards is for a Swagbucks code, so I feel like I win double when I redeem for that.

My Points – Referral is only by email link or Facebook, so if you would like the link I will need to email you separately.
This is similar to Swagbucks but is based around email notifications. You can earn simple points but clicking on an email link and viewing a website, you can also do shopping through this site and earn points that way as well. I have had a membership for uncountable years and still use this site all the time.

InboxDollars –
Another similar to MyPoints and Swagbucks. This is also email intensive at times. This you can request a check at a certain earning point, no giftcards.

Though these are not reward programs specifically I think they are still worth a mention in this list:

ePantry –

This is a service for cleaning products and other household use items. I really love this service as it takes away my guess work on financial planning. Based on a few questions it will schedule out the use on products and then set up shipments for you. These are completely adjustable on your end as well so if you didn’t end up using something as fast as they thought you would you can adjust the shipment for that product.
This company is all about the environment and worth a look. They do have a referral program where if you refer someone and they sign up they get $10 off their order and so do you.

YNAB (You Need A Budget) –
This is a budgeting software that I have really come to love. Their software is based off simple “rules” to help guide you. They offer free webinars and giveaway a free license in every webinar. They have some amazing support staff behind the product as well. I highly recommend giving them a try, 34 day Free trial!

Ok, so this is a good start to a list of places and things to go check out. I am working on another post about of savings apps I use and maybe more. stay tuned!


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