On to new things!

Ok, so first off I have decided I wanted to try using Amazon Affiliates program. Since I plan to reference items I buy on there and reviews of products I felt it was a good move for me. So my disclaimer starts now. I have listed myself as an Amazon Affiliate which means if you use a link I post to Amazon and purchase something I will get a monetary credit. I will be honest I have no idea yet how much that credit amounts to. I do know it is not large. I do appreciate if you are able to use my links when purchasing items 🙂

On that note I wanted to see if I could get some opinions going on something. I have recently been downloading some free color pages and worksheets that my three year old could do but many of them have this “Do A Dot” coloring concept. I have held off on those pages since we do not have the Do A Dot markers (basically they are bingo daubers as far as I can see). I have a link below to one of Amazon’s listings for these as well.

My thoughts are very torn and could use your opinions.

Thanks for reading and post your comments if you have any thoughts to add to this.

Do A Dot Art Marker Rainbow, 6-pack


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