ePantry – another customer service expirience

I had to come back to add in another amazing customer service experience. ePantry! I recently signed up to give this service a try. In case you are unfamiliar with ePantry they are an online supplier for home cleaning and personal products. They setup a schedule of deliveries based on your usage of products so that you never have to think about when you need to pick up laundry soap at the store, it just arrives at your door step. ePantry is also a eco friendly company.

So, I had found a post about giving this company a try with a $10 credit and a free gift for signing up and I figured why not give it a try. They offer brands like Method, Mrs Myers and Seventh Generation (I love them all!). I went on and made a few selections and adjusted a few things then closed my computer to come back a bit later. When I came back to the order I reviewed quickly and then processed the order. I was so excited when the box arrived (although I didn’t get the joy of opening – my husband was expecting a different shipment which had something he had been waiting for so I can’t blame him). The package came in very nicely packed to ensure no products leaked during shipment, I was very impressed. As I was unpacking the items and checking things out I realized that a few things had come in a scent I wasn’t expecting. My husband is not the most fond of anything in a cucumber scent and I am often sick of that scent after a few minutes myself so it was a bit of a shock that three items had arrived in that scent but I figured that I had forgotten to adjust the scent when I did the finalization of the order. I quickly went online to make sure that my future shipment was set with another scent and saw that my received shipment was supposed to be something different. I sent a note to the company just to let them know there was a mistake. Within a couple of days (I had emailed on a weekend) I received a note back no only apologizing about the mix up but they were sending out replacements in the correct scents and they aren’t even asking for the cucumber scents back, they simply offered for me to gift to another. WOW!

I have now received my additional shipment and I am SO happy with the new scents, definitely going to try to keep using their service!

A little more about ePantry

Their prices are fairly comparable to those in the local stores (a bit higher but no shipping costs, EVER!) so when you add in the fact that they schedule shipments based on usage need this is very worthwhile. If you are a die hard couponer the prices will not be as good but for me the time saver is worth it.

You can also get referral credit when someone signs up ($10) and they get $10 to apply to their first order as well.

Let me know what you think of the service!

Please note the links on this post are affiliate links where I may be compensated for any purchases you make, thank you for your support!


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