The importance of taking care of the customer

I have had several opportunities to work with a company on certain product issues lately. Some of have gone very well while others have gone fairly badly. The way each company had reacted or worked with me to resolve the problem speaks loudly on how the company cares about their customers. So here are a few examples of my recent experiences and what I know think of each company.

Munchkin –

I had purchased two stretch to fit window shades through Amazon and started to notice after a few weeks that one was cracking inside the suction cup but it seemed to be still staying up on the window. All of a sudden that shade was on the car floor and in pieces. I sent in an email and had a very quick response that they would gladly sent a replacement and I was also asked to provide a code on the item to help them track the issue. They were so pleasant to work with and I had a real name, not just a customer service email. I have already boasted so much about this experience on Facebook and twitter (where they responded again as a thanks).

This company clearly cares about its customers and will do the right thing to take care of people and stand behind the quality of their product. I will certainly continue to recommend products made by Munchkin and their affiliates! Job well done in my book.

Kiwi Crate –

I saw there was a deal for points to give Kiwi Crate a try. They had a smaller box available as a trial, just pay shipping. I thought this would be great to check out as a gift for my nephew for Christmas as I know he and my sister in law do a lot of crafting together and this would be something right up their alley. I was not having any luck getting the order to place through, I kept getting and error and my order would not processes. I tried on a different computer, tried a different credit card (even though I knew my card was fine as I had just used it) but nothing was working. I finally sent a note to the company and days later heard back with a brief apology and offer to finish the order through them.

Well for one they did not provide much information on what they had in mind for completing the order (was I supposed to send my credit card information over email!?!?). The bigger problem at hand (their site was not working) was no where being addressed.

Sadly I cannot recommend this service as I just did not feel that my information was being handled the best. I guess I will just keep looking for other crafting ideas for my nephew.

Just in these two situations you can see how much of a difference good customer service can really do wonders for not only repeat customers, spreading the word but also first time customers. So no matter what type of business your in, make sure you do what you can to show your customers you care, about them, and about your product and its reputation.


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