Sometimes a simple phone call can change everything

The other day I set my washer to run a load just before I left for work. When my husband and I got home from work he went to switch the load to the dryer and it was stuck mid cycle and the washer wouldn’t do anything.  He quickly jumped to the idea of needing a new washer. I called the customer service number for the manufacturer so that maybe they could at least tell me how to get the water out. The machine was 5 years old so I knew there would be no warranty.  While the call may have taken nearly an hour I ended up with a wonderful customer service representative that must have heard my frustration while I pulled soaked laundry out and tried to squeeze every drop of water I could out, and he covered the cost of someone coming out to take a look and diagnose the machine. The day arrived and again I was a bit frustrated as I had not heard anything about the arrival of the technician and it was approaching the end of my service time window. Thankfully I received the call and a very nice man was on his way. As soon as he arrived and heard the problem he was very positive he could fix with no new parts needed. Sure enough less than an hour later my machine was up and running and at no cost to us.
Sometimes taking that extra time even if it is close to am hour or maybe more to make a call can be really worthwhile.


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