Fundraising the easy way – it does exisit

Recently in a passing through a group I follow on Facebook I caught a glimpse of an app called Shoparoo. This app is designed for people to raise money for their school of choice by simply taking a picture of their receipts.

I know, there should be a catch, but nope! That is it. Just use your smart phone and take a picture of your receipts and you earn points for your school and they add up the dollars. I passed the word along to a school I support and they have started to use it. In just 2 months and only 9 people participating (not all for the whole 2 months) they have already raised nearly $10. They may seem little but every bit counts. And this was a fairly small group over just a short amount of time.

I am so excited to be able to do my part in helping the school in just a simple way. I am already taking pictures of my grocery receipts for different coupon rebate programs (more on that another time) that this one tiny step is not any additional effort at all!

I am supporting Cornerstone Christian Academy here in the Rochester, NY area, but there are many schools already listed and ready to support. So go ahead and sign up and help a school out!


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