Sleep Number

I was given a mission from Smiley360 about the Sleep Number SleepIQ Technology. I went into the Sleep Number store and handed the information to the sales person, but I don’t think he really understood what I was in there to look at. He took me to the regular sleep number bed and helped me identify my sleep number. Although I was very impressed with the service I received during my visit and I will continue to look at sleep number for my next mattress purchase I was a bit disappointed in not getting a look at the sleepIQ technology as I think that it may help by identifying my sleep patterns in order to get a better nights sleep.

Currently I have a Tempurpedic mattress and I just feel like I am not getting the right type of support for my body. Also the material is not really forgiving when it comes to heat. My poor husband is usually way to warm throughout the night and ends up sweating. Again with the material it is not forgiving on the smell left behind from sweat. We have already thrown away several memory foam pillows from this issue, sadly I think the mattress is next.

As a part of Smiley360 and completing my mission I will be receiving a free pillow as well. I am excited to receive this pillow as I am due for a new one and I am able to still use memory foam myself!

Sometimes a simple phone call can change everything

The other day I set my washer to run a load just before I left for work. When my husband and I got home from work he went to switch the load to the dryer and it was stuck mid cycle and the washer wouldn’t do anything.  He quickly jumped to the idea of needing a new washer. I called the customer service number for the manufacturer so that maybe they could at least tell me how to get the water out. The machine was 5 years old so I knew there would be no warranty.  While the call may have taken nearly an hour I ended up with a wonderful customer service representative that must have heard my frustration while I pulled soaked laundry out and tried to squeeze every drop of water I could out, and he covered the cost of someone coming out to take a look and diagnose the machine. The day arrived and again I was a bit frustrated as I had not heard anything about the arrival of the technician and it was approaching the end of my service time window. Thankfully I received the call and a very nice man was on his way. As soon as he arrived and heard the problem he was very positive he could fix with no new parts needed. Sure enough less than an hour later my machine was up and running and at no cost to us.
Sometimes taking that extra time even if it is close to am hour or maybe more to make a call can be really worthwhile.

Fundraising the easy way – it does exisit

Recently in a passing through a group I follow on Facebook I caught a glimpse of an app called Shoparoo. This app is designed for people to raise money for their school of choice by simply taking a picture of their receipts.

I know, there should be a catch, but nope! That is it. Just use your smart phone and take a picture of your receipts and you earn points for your school and they add up the dollars. I passed the word along to a school I support and they have started to use it. In just 2 months and only 9 people participating (not all for the whole 2 months) they have already raised nearly $10. They may seem little but every bit counts. And this was a fairly small group over just a short amount of time.

I am so excited to be able to do my part in helping the school in just a simple way. I am already taking pictures of my grocery receipts for different coupon rebate programs (more on that another time) that this one tiny step is not any additional effort at all!

I am supporting Cornerstone Christian Academy here in the Rochester, NY area, but there are many schools already listed and ready to support. So go ahead and sign up and help a school out!