New routines take time, and interuptions don’t help

Creating a new routine may be easy but following through and making it stick is not so. My last post I was working on new routines, I am sad to say that they did not stick at all… yet. I am still hopeful. Since that post I battled a severe sinus infection at the end of my pregnancy and then delivered my beautiful 2nd child and have been working on figuring life out with two little ones. Life often has twists and turns to keep you on your tows so routines have to be flexible to accommodate those hiccups or adaptable to change. I am currently re-working my thoughts on what the routines need to include now that the second child is here and extra things need to be done. I plan to start slow again but not as slow as I feel some things my fall in line a bit easier. I also want to add reminders to myself to help get things going.

One routine for us that you may not see as a routine was that Monday nights we would get the trash all collected up (and recycling if it was that week for pickup) and make sure that the trash is out to the curb. This was a huge help as my husband gets up the earliest on Tuesday (our pickup day for trash and recycling). I started the routine by setting a reminder in my Google calendar (mostly so I didn’t have to remember if it was a recycling week or not, my phone would just chime at 6pm and let me know). This simple and quick task got us moving for a great routine that saves us time and headache. The stress and pressure I would feel when the bins were not at the curb and I was hustling the 2-year old out the door on our way to school/ work, was not my proudest moments.

Technology does seems to run our lives these days, it is just everywhere. Step back for a moment and remember that technology was developed to help you so make it work for you. I have an Android phone so I am very immersed in Google these days but any phone calendar reminder really works. I set a event on the calendar (even if it seems silly, like call the doctor to schedule an appointment) and let your phone be your reminder to complete the task. I get such a great feeling if I have already done what I was reminding myself to do, like when you have the alarm set a bit earlier and you wake up (refreshed) before it goes off.

My thoughts on the new routine to be developed…

  • Need to have things prepped for the school/ work days at least the night before
    • clothes for the boys can be setup for a whole week (extra choices for the 2 year old that sometimes like to pick out the clothes).
    • Lunches thought out for the week but prepped each night (some items may be able to be setup for the week).
    • Outfits for me can also be setup for a week (or even more) – just hang them in groups.
      • This may not work right away as I transition from maternity clothes back to my other clothes
    • Just a note that my husband doesn’t need to set clothes out as he currently wears a uniform so his choices are just between short sleeve and long sleeve.

More to be added soon but right now a hungry baby is waiting.


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