Too long absent

Ok, I started this blog with the intention to actually use it… I think! After too much time away I am back at it. This one may be a bit jumbled as I get my thoughts out and get used to writing again, so I apologize now.

I recently read a book by another blogger that I have started following in the couponing world to find out that there is so much more to learn from this woman and her family. The blog is Money Saving Mom by Chrystal Paine. She is a much more established blogger than I for sure, but one this she teaches is that anyone can do anything! So here I am back at it trying it again. I really enjoy being able to log my thoughts down somewhere. 

Crystal wrote a book about escaping the survival mindset. I found it so inspirational for my life and my family’s. There were some points she had made about setting goals that really struck me. One thing I am trying to do it get into a better schedule, which will hugely help my personal goals along the way. 

Anyone who has ever set foot in my house knows that I am not a cleaning machine, I like my house tidy, but there are toys everywhere and dog hair galore for sure! With a 2 1/2 year old and a second on the way my tidiness has even gone to the wayside. There are certain areas that are really starting to stress me out, one is my room. When it comes to bedtime my amazing husband takes over, which means I need to get out of the way. Sometimes this means I take things to our room to work on until I am too exhausted to do anymore. This ends up being piles of stuff everywhere. It seems that every time I am reorganizing or cleaning out different areas everything ends up in our room as well. Mostly my dresser and side table get covered with papers (mail, printed coupons, notices from daycare, paperwork to be shredded and so on). Not to mention the various computers in our room as do my coupon printing during this night time routine as well. 

So I took Crystal’s advice on goal setting and from a more recent blog post about schedules I started to get to work. 

I started as small as I felt I could. The aforementioned bedroom, as this is area of stress for me to have such clutter all around me in a room that should be my soothing sanctuary, it had to be tackled. 

First I made a list of what I really wanted to accomplish so I had a direction of where I was trying to go. Unlike many of my other cleaning attempts I now realized I needed CLEAR direction, or it would never work. 

  • Clear off the dresser top to only the necessary items for getting ready for the day or bed, no more paperwork, piles of misplaced items, etc. 
  • Things should not stay on the floor in front of the dresser, all drawers need to be able to open, without moving items out of the way first.
  • Find an overall “organized” and “clean”  way to have the room

After working on the direction I had in mind I started to think about how I could actually achieve this. For one I needed to have a bit more of a schedule of things I do during the week, each morning and each night. These lists, or schedule needed to directly reflect what I was trying to accomplish with my goal. 

  • Each morning I wanted to have the bed made (not super difficult, just straightened out), this should be fairly simple as most of the time I am the last one in our room and the bed sheet and blanket just need to be pulled straight and maybe a pillow or two off the floor. 
  • Each night I will go through the “mail” of the day and set in piles of trash (or recycling), shredding and need  to do something with. Items for trash can be thrown out right away as there is a trash can in the room, recycling set aside to dispose of in the morning, shredding to be set aside for the morning (weekly goal to actually shred everything from the week, avoid another pile up elsewhere) and items to do something about would be worked through for anything I can that night. Bills to be paid go into a folder I keep so I have everything together. 
  • Spend 10 minutes each night to make sure items get put away where they need to be so there is not a pile up, if there is a sample of something that came in the mail it should be put away and not get stashed on my dresser to move later. 


Now I have not been able to get too far in this yet, I started strong for a few days but then distraction broke in again. This post is my own reminder to keep my focus. 


Hope this helps you think about what may help you as well. Sometimes that task can seem too large to handle right now until you break it down and work through it one part at a time. 

More to follow soon on how my progress goes.Maybe I can even move to another room some day.