Mom Moment #123

There is nothing like a reminder after a fairly long day at the office of your little guy (or girl). It will always bring a bit of laughter when you come across these types of Mom moments,and sometimes you coworkers are lucky enough to expirience them as well.

My sister and her family had recently been in town so I had been spending quite a bit of time over at my parents. On Sunday morning I packed up and headed over to spend a few more minutes (unfortunatley this is very literal) with them before they flew back home. As it was almost noon I had figured I would be hanging around for a bit since my husband was working anyway. By the time I actually headed home it was abit later than I orginally thought I would stay til but it was well worth it. So I bundled up my son and tossed his things into my purse.

Monday afternoon when the day was finally over I went to grab my keys out of my purse and accidently opened the wrong side of my purse (it looks the same on both sides from the outside). Instead of keys I found the cup, still fairly full of milk from the day before. I guess I forgot to get it back out when I got home.

Thankfully my son uses the Click Lock cups made by Munchkin. These cups are really very good. They never spill! So thankfully my purse was save the lovely smell that would come if anthing had leaked out.

I would highly recommend these cups to everyone. Whether you kid finds ways to break open cups or not they are so easy to use and clean.


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