Pinwins and pinfails how do you Pinterest?

Pinterest – the site that allows quick access to other sites, photos, blogs, etc. (just in case you didn’t know).

Once something gets pinned other users can easily repin the idea to their own boards as well. So you get to go around collecting all these ideas in a digital scrapbook. Now if you are anything like me most of the time the things you pin you will never really go back to so it is really only good for that second because when it comes time to do whatever I had pinned (food ideas, kids activities) I wont be pulling pinterest up to see what to do.


Overall I have a large pile of Pinfails as I never really do anything that I have found through there. I have checked over some of the tips sites on how to save money, reuse different household waste items (containers and such) but I will either remember them when I need them or I will not ever do any of them anyway.
I have two scenarios that I have actually followed through on the pins I came across. So here are my two actual experiences.
I had been on a bit of a health kick trying to get back into shape so I had a bunch of healthy food prepped for the week of work. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies or snacks and I was excited. I was on Pinterest and saw a post about making ice cream out of bananas. Now it sounded weird but the article had talked about adding peanut butter and cocoa for extra flavor, so why not try it. I followed instructions as best as I was able (my bananas were not as ripe as the should have been). I ended up adding a bit more peanut butter than it called for but the first taste seemed good so back into the freezer it went to firm up a bit more. After about an hour I pulled the container out and scooped it out just like ice cream. After a few bites I decided this was nothing like ice cream, just frozen banana mush. It was overall a great attempt healthy eating and I really think if i had more ripe bananas and added more flavor it wouldn’t be as bad.


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